FAA Certified Repair Station (XWJR831X) Authorized to Repair Seat Belts

Custom Harness & Restraint Products

From turtle harnesses to boat winch straps to survival training restraint systems, we can help. We have worked with Naval engineers to develop a specialized tie-down strap used to secure their cable packs. With a leading manufacturer of simulation trainers to build a restraint to work on their training devices. With a specialty company developing a canine harness and many other unique examples. Not to worry, if your goals are much simpler, we can also work from a basic drawing or a conversation from you explaining what you need. We stock a large selection of hardware and have suppliers that offer an even greater offering of possibilities.

Custom Plating Services

We also offer custom plating services should you wish to dress up your aircraft. We can work with your plating company or handle that task for you. Are you interested in adding some unique touches to your aircraft? Wood grain is typically added to any high end automobile. Why not add that same finish to your aircraft? Let us help you customize your aircraft.