Reweb Pricing

When’s the last time you saw an automobile with seat belts that didn’t match the seat color? Probably never. Your aircraft is a much bigger investment than an automobile, so if you’re ready to improve the appearance, let us help you find a great color match.

Customize Your Airplane’s Seat Belts

Unless the seat belt color is designed to serve as an accent to the overall appearance of the interior, ideally, the belts blend well with the color of the seat material. Many aircraft that come from the factory are flying around with black seat belts. Now that’s fine if you have black seats, but if you have some other color, we can reweb the belts to greatly improve the aesthetics of your aircraft interior. 

Quality service and affordable pricing is what you can expect!

The table below shows our current reweb pricing. Just enter your quantity and the price will update. Please email or call us at 800.480.4816 if you have any questions.

Experience our first rate seat belt rewebbing solution!

Maybe your seat belts match the interior, but when was the last time they were rewebbed? Is the webbing frayed or discolored? Has the webbing become stiff and difficult to adjust? If the answer is yes, then for the safety of you and your passengers, the webbing should be replaced. Rewebbing is one of the most inexpensive things you can do to your airplane and it will greatly improve the appearance of the interior while increasing the safety of those on board. Next time the aircraft is going to be down for a few days, pick out a color, send us the belts and we’ll take care of the rest.

Aircraft Seatbelt Pricing Calculator

All pricing below is for rewebbing only – your existing hardware will be used in this process

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Description Image Price Ea. Quantity Total Cost
Lap Belt Extension $65.00
*Standard Lap Belt 2pt/3pt/4pt $79.00
Static Shoulder Harness (Non-retracting) $88.00
Static Y Type Shoulder Harness (Non-retracting) $115.00
Inertia Reel - Single Strap $125.00
Inertia Reel - Y Type $149.00
Crew Rotary Lap Belt $125.00
Crew Rotary 4pt. Restraint $259.00
Crew Rotary 5pt Restraint $284.00
Total Cost:
*Standard Belt: assembly that has 2 sections – one buckle half and one latch half without a stiffener or additional sewn in adjuster.*Non-Standard: assembly that incorporates a stiffener, adjuster or requires additional webbing or sewing – Add $12 to standard price.
If you have no further questions you may start the ordering process by downloading the purchase order and following our ‘Order Process’ instructions. Thank you!